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It is a legal declaration by which a person, known as the testator, names one or more persons to own and manage his/her assets ( movable & immovable ) after his/her death.

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What is a WILL?

A will is a statement made by the testator in the written form stating the manner in which his estate/property must be distributed after his/ her death. A will being a testamentary document comes into effect only after the death of the testator. If a person dies without writing any WILL then he/she is said to be have died intestate. Such a situation may lead to disputes among the family members / legal heirs after the death of the testator with regard to the distribution of the property and there may be the possibility of litigations in the court. A WILL can be made on simple plain paper with two witnesses is must. Its up to the individual to registereted the WILL in concerned area's Sub-registrar office. 

Procedure of Obtaining a WILL

Following steps are required in registration of a WILL:

  1. The WILL is drafted by a legal expert
  2. A date is appointed for the WILL registration in sub-registrar office
  3. Stamp Paper 
  4. Registration Fee paid receipt, if any
  5. Testator and 2 witnesses visit the sub-registrar office on the appointed day