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Sales Deed

It is an agreement between two parties regarding the sale of the property, which covers the terms and conditions of the sale and the date on which the sale will be completed.

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What is a Sales Deed?

A sale deed or conveyance deed is a document which is drafted at the time of sale of the property between two parties. The signing of sales deed implies that the process of sale has been completed. The seller transfers the right of  ownership to the buyer, as soon as the document is signed and the buyer becomes the complete owner of the property. Usually, a sale deed is executed only when both sellers and buyers are fully satisfied and are ready to comply with the terms and conditions as mentioned in Agreement to Sell/ Sale Agreement.

Prior to the Sale deed one should have entered in agreement to sell or sale agreement or done memorandum of understanding along with completing the proper checks and balances of ownership the property.

Procedure for Sales Deed?

The Buyer & seller on mutually agreeable date shall present a proper drafted Sale deed document along with previous sale deed as a supporting document to authenticate seller’s ownership.

Sales deed drafting and execution requires following documents and information:

  • Amount of stamp duty shall calculated and stamp paper should have bought
  • Registration amount and other incidental charges shall be checked
  • Prior appointment shall be taken at Sub-registrar office
  • If one has taken loan, the Bank or HFC should have been informed the date of registration
  • Last house tax paid receipt required in some state.
  • The Copies of Id proofs ( Aadhar Card/ Passport / PAN Card ) of Buyer/ Seller required
  • Both the parties ( Buyer & Seller ) shall present or their Power Attorney holder
  • Demand Draft of Sale consideration to be handed over upon signing of the sale deed.
  • Collect the all previous original documents of subject property & execute the Sale deed 

We at 6xhomesearch assist our client through our team of experts to draft the sale deed, purchase of stamp paper, taking appointment at sub–registrar office for registration.