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Property Document Registration

In a property transaction registration of documents is highly recommended to have the absolute & legitimate ownership rights on property.

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About registration of property document

Registration of documents is an integral part for any agreement between two parties on certain terms  condition. It may be perperty buying, leaseing of property or giving your rights to other etc.  The legalities and paperwork involved has to be done very carefully. We at 6xhomesearch take pride in making this process smooth & easy.

What is the process of registering property documents?


  • All Required documents compiled
  • Stamp duty should calculated and bought along with registration fee shall paid
  • Date of registration shall be fixed by individuals as per convenience.
  • Appointment with registrar taken
  • All paper to be submitted to Sub- Registrar office for registration

We at 6xhomesearch assist you to complete the registration of any property documents in drafting, calculating stamp duty, registration charges or any incidental charges and purchasing the stamp papers. Our team can review the documents before submitting to designate sub-registrar office of concerned area and make entire process should complete smoothly.