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Gift Deed

Voluntary transfer without consideration of a property from one person to another requires a legal documents called Gift Deed.

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What is a Gift Deed?

A Gift Deed refers to a transfer of an existing moveable property by one person to another. The transfer should be made voluntarily and without consideration.  The person transferring the property is called the donar and the person to whom the property is transferred is referred to as the donee. Gift deed is a legal document which serves as an evidence of the transfer of property from the donor to the donee.

The donee must accept the property during the lifetime of the donor and while he/she/they is/are still capable of giving it. The gift can be affected through a gift deed registered in the sub-registrar office. There is no restriction on the power of the donar and hence he/she can gift to anyone his/her family members or strangers.

A gift to be valid must be made by a person with his free consent and not under any compulsion.

Procedure for obtaining a Gift deed

Gift deed drafting and execution requires following documents and information:

  1. Property Documents
  2. Names and addresses of the parties involved
  3. Applicable registration fee
  4. Applicable Stamp Duty, if any.
  5. Both the parties have to be present along with their passport size photograph, Aadhaar Card, Passport,  Pan Card at Sub-Registrar office of concerned area.